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BibliASPA develops and implements several services, such as:


 Translation and Interpretation from / to Arabic, Portuguese, English, Spanish and French: We translate texts, documents, books, letters, etc .;

 Writing and proof-reading;

 Language and Culture Classes: Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Literature, Arts, History, Archeology, among other courses;

 Consulting and development of educational and cultural projects;

 Digitalization and restoration of photos and documents: from family, institutional or other collections;

 Production of content for websites, magazines, books, periodicals;

 Publishing: We edit books from the preparation of the text and-or revision and translation to the preparation of the editorial project, graphic design and layout, graphic production and finalization, and the publication of the work;

 Design: logo, visual identity, editorial design and creative solutions of communication for various purposes: printed in general, visual identity of events and exhibitions, development of digital products and related;

 Curation of exhibitions, shows and festivals: planning, conceptualization and implementation. Some examples: “Islam” exhibition, the world’s largest thematic exhibition in 2010, several Film Shows in South America, Arab and African countries;

 Research: in several areas of knowledge;

 Specialized lectures on Arabic, African and South American subjects, workshops, courses, conferences;

 Videos: recording, editing and subtitling of videos;

 Space for lectures, events, congresses and exhibitions;

 Socio-cultural diagnosis: local, regional, national or international analysis (with experience in several services, such as those carried out in the Arab world for Vale do Rio Doce);

 Guidance for constitution of collections and implementation of libraries;

 Maintenance, cataloging and preservation of collections;

 Cultural assistance for reception of Arabs and Africans in small, medium and large events;

 Personalized Arabic calligraphy;

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