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ASPA Museum

Bibliaspa has developed the ASPA Museum (South America-Arab Countries – Africa) for the last few years with the goal of increasing the access of specialists and the society in general to the culture of these regions.

The project is being developed in São Paulo, city which has the biggest Arab community in the world out of its origination’s countries and brings together relevant south-american and African communities; consequently, this space will permit the emphasis of this integration. BibliASPA will be responsible for the location, research, collection, courses, workshops, lectures, among others.

For the last few years BibliASPA has been organizing exhibitions related to Arab, African and south American themes with great success and numerous audience. Its possible to mention, among others, the exhibition “Islam: art and civilization”, coordinated and co-created by BibliASPA.

BibliASPA and the ASPA Museum are mentioned in international declarations that recognize the importance and ask for support on these initiatives. An important document, the Final Declaration of the Third Arab and South American Culture Ministers’ Meeting, elaborated on April 30th 2017, affirms:

“The Arab and South American Ministers of Culture celebrate the city of São Paulo for welcoming the ASPA Museum for the Arab and South American Culture and Language, which is being developed by BibliASPA to beneficiate students, professors, researchers and society in general, with the goal of promoting a peac culture, with respect to cultural diversity and critical thinking. Fully recognize the importance of supporting this initiative, which will contribute for the diffusion of the language, literature and the Arab culture and for the development of research in these areas, working in partnership with relevant cultural and educational institutions in both regions. They urge the South American and Arab countries to support this initiative in different ways, including donations, organizing exhibitions and supporting closer links with museums, cultural institutions and others that might benefit the strengthening of the ASPA Museum. ”

BibliASPA has participated in the main meetings, seminars and events of the world in the area of ??museology. Among other congresses of the sector, BibliASPA participates in the Meetings of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the São Paulo Museums Meetings (since its first edition in 2009).

BibliASPA has the support of several countries to present a special and differentiated collection in the ASPA Museum. Among others, Brazil, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Mauritania are collaborating with the initiative.