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Bibli-ASPA Cores

Check our groups and choose one or more to work with:

  • Cultural activities, events and festivals (SACA)

This group is responsible for activities such as exhibitions (new and existing: https://bibliaspa.com.br/exposicoes/), Cinema shows (in cinemas, schools, universities, cultural centers), Culture gatherings, Storytelling, Poetry (in cooperation with literature group). And other workshops as Arabic calligraphy, African dolls, Photography, Henna and Crochet etc.

Photography (both physical and virtual collection, at https://bibliaspa.com.br/fotografia/), Music, Dance, Theater, Performance etc.

In addition to the cultural expressions and the SACA Festival, this group helps in organizing events such as Gastronomic Festivals and Culinary activities (in partnership with the Culinary group), Festivals, Bazaars, etc.

  • Administrative and Commercial

This group is responsible for various administrative and commercial responsibilities, including updating and disseminating the house activities for the other groups, help to reorganize the communication between groups, support the house organization (Shop, Donations, Secretariat, Archives); Offer administrative assistance to other groups, Purchases from Supplies of activities (events / classes) It acts in a strong partnership between the groups of communication and other groups.

  • Social Assistance

This group is responsible for social activities, especially those aimed at immigrants and refugees, with the objective of promoting social, cultural and economic integration and the integration and interaction of refugees in Brazilian society. It also takes care of receiving and directing new refugees.

  • Library and Archives

This group is responsible for the library and the archives in general and performs actions such as cataloging, acquiring, sanitizing and maintaining regular activities.

It has a strong performance with institutions that deal with the same subject, but not only Senac, Faap and Fesp.

  • Fundraising, public announcements, and projects

This group is responsible for the search and identification of edicts, Project formatting, Prospecting of notices and opportunities. Contact with companies and people who can support the programs and activities of the institution.

  • Communication

This center is responsible for: media, social, website, press, PR, marketing, audio-visual, newsletters, maintenance, updating, monitoring and dissemination of events and participations of Bibli-ASPA, Monitoring of results, prospecting opportunities for free / partnership/exchange.

Divided into sub-cores:

  1. a. Social media

Maintain and updating social media content, Development the new functionalities.

Accompanying news about Refugees, Immigrants, Peace culture, African culture, Arab culture, South American culture, etc

  1. b. Public Relations and journalism

Release news, contact with media, write of interviews, articles, and reports for the press and for the website etc.

  1. c. Website

Maintain and update website content, develop new functionalities etc.

  1. d. Art

Production of graphic and digital materials, newsletters, certificates, presentations, logos etc.

  1. e. Audiovisual

Develop Cinema, documentaries, educational vídeos material etc.

      6.f. Marketing

  • Gastronomy and Cooking School

This group is responsible for: Maintain regular activities, Operate and supply the kitchen, develop activities related to cooking school, Gastronomic Festivals, culinary courses (with involving refugees / immigrants, as the courses aimed at training and empowering refugees / immigrants), participation in fairs, exhibitions, festivals (in partnership with the Center for Culture and Events)

  • Legal Affairs

This group is responsible for defending the rights of refugees and immigrants, combating xenophobia, racism, prejudice, intolerance of any kind, and supporting legal activities in favor of access inclusion and democratization programs.

Special contacts with the movement for Refugees and Immigrants, made up of (judges, prosecutors, prosecutors, lawyers, teachers and social workers) that meets regularly at the Bibli-ASPA.

  • Literature

This group is responsible for: organizing actions with writers, literary critics, and literature teachers. Promote literary debates and serials. Compose activities with diverse collectives to strengthen the movement for reading and literature.

In addition promote articulations between people who work in the field of literature, writers, poets, teachers, educators, etc.

Organize literary creation workshops and take the literature to different spaces.

Disseminate that morality expresses a collection of knowledge acquired by the community.

  • Pedagogy / Education

This group is responsible for Bibli-ASPA’s various educational programs, as those courses listed below

10.a. Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Program

10.b. Arabic Language and Culture Program

10.c. French Language and African Culture Program

10d. French Language and Arabic Culture Program

10.e. French Language and Haitian Culture Program

10.f. English Language and African Culture Program

10.g. English Language and Arabic Culture Program

10.h. Spanish Language and Culture Program

10.i. Other Programs / Courses

  • Research

This group is responsible for the development of researches, debates, lectures, discussion tables, colloquia, and seminars, in partnership with Education. Besides the publication of articles, book and other publications.

  • Psychology

This group is responsible for providing psychological support to refugees and immigrants.

  • Institutional relations

This group is responsible for mapping and identifying opportunities for institutional partnerships, presentations, agreements, fundraising with supporters.

  • International relations

This group is responsible for mapping and identifying opportunities for international partnerships, presentations, agreements, fundraising with supporters.

  • Translation

(from Portuguese to other languages ??and vice versa)

This group is responsible for the translation of languages ??such as Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Haitian Creole, Kiswahili etc.

  • T.I.

This group is responsible for the area of ??technology, equipment, installations, Hardware and software support, and EAD support.

  • Volunteering

This group is responsible for receiving and directing new volunteers, as well as supporting the volunteers in the institution.

Other themes

Themes that concern all groups, such as Culture of peace, Refugees and immigrants, Assistance to formulate or alter Public Policies, African culture, Arab culture, South American culture, Actions and Militancy in the fight against xenophobia, racism, prejudice, intolerance and discrimination of any kind.