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BibliASPA’s Space

Center for Arab, African and South American Research and Culture, Espaço BibliASPA is housed in a mansion that preserves the architecture of the 1930s, with large rooms that favor the accomplishment of activities. Located in a central district of São Paulo, it has:

  • Library and video library, with free access to the public and wireless environment;

  • Documentation and reference center;

  • Classrooms and research rooms;

  • Exhibition rooms;

  • Department of Art and Editions BibliASPA;

  • Image scanning and editing center;

  • Permanent collection and technical reserve;

  • Auditorium for films, shows, debates, artistic presentations (musical and theatrical), meetings and trainings in general;

  • BibliASPA product space, such as publications and various materials;

  • Kitchen and snack bar;

  • Restoration room;

  • Rooms for permanent staff;

  • Garden of Arab, African and South American plants.

The BibliASPA garden has plants of Arab, African and South American origin, identified by scientific name, popular name and origin in Portuguese, Arabic and English.