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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright is a set of legal norms and moral and patrimonial prerogatives on the creations of the spirit, expressed by any means or fixed on any media, as defined by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Law No. 9,610, which regulates copyright in Brazil, is the responsibility of the Intellectual Rights Board of the Ministry of Culture.

The content of this site is the intellectual property of BibliASPA, as well as its publication, distribution and reproduction. The right of use, distribution right and commercial exploitation, including partial or full reproduction, editing, adaptation and translation, depend on the prior and express authorization of BibliASPA, according to Art.29 of Law 9,610.


terms and conditions of use

By entering the BibliASPA website you agree to be bound by the terms described below:

– Respect the intellectual property (registered or unregistered) of the institution, as well as determining the use of all content (images, texts, videos and audios) available on this site;

– Use the site bibliaspa.org exclusively for legal purposes.


You may not copy, reproduce, clutter, modify, transmit, distribute, edit, and / or adapt any content on this site (including texts, images, videos, and attached files) without prior authorization from BibliASPA.


In case of authorization to transmit the content, it should be given the proper credit, with the registration / mention of the BibliASPA website and the name of the author (if identified).

The use of any content on this site for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized reproduction of any content on this site will be considered an infringement of Law No. 9,610 and you must comply with the penalties determined to the case.



By sharing any contribution with BibliASPA, you agree to assign to the institution, at no cost, permission to use the material in any way (including modification and alteration for editorial reasons) in any medium.

You are responsible and confirm that the work is your own.

For clarification of doubts about contributions, contact BibliASPA.

Any personal information provided to BibliASPA, in forms, forums, fiches and cadastre, are confidential and for the exclusive use of the institution.


Site interaction and feedback

– The interaction with the site must be done in a civilized and appropriate way;

– Offensive or aggressive comments will not be accepted;

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– It is prohibited to share spam or material that is not related to the subject in question;

Advertising or promotional activities are prohibited.

BibliASPA reserves the right to delete any comments outside the standards described.