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Since 2003, the BibliASPA has gathered a network of researchers, students and teachers who reflect on history. Among the topics of interest are migrations and displacements, ancient history, modern and contemporary history of Arab countries (both Africa and Asia as well), South Americans, African and Islamic, social and economic history, discussion of historical, written, oral and visual sources, courses, workshops and scholarships.

Our research group is registered atthe National Research Committee (CNPq) and has some research lines in history. Among research objects, there are specific lines of research on the “Arab and Muslim Presence in South America”, on oral history, on “Orientalism and Postcolonial Studies: Inventions of an Orient and Non-Western Spaces” and on the process of building South American nationalities from the post-World War II era.

The history of Palestine and Orientalism are fundamental research objects for our research and culture center. Collaborate with this reflection through texts and other materials. Contact!