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How to Support

    BibliASPA receives about 300 refugees weekly from more than 40 nationalities and offers them free courses, food, transport, translation, legal, and psychological assistance.

    How to support?

    – Individual support: donation through the platform www.apoia.se/bibliaspa, starting at R $ 15 / month.

    Rewards include books, t-shirts, discounts on courses etc …

    – Business support: we approved the Program for Refugees in the Rouanet Law, so the company manages to reduce income tax and financial support and invest in this social, educational and cultural project.

    – Donation of material (didactic, hygiene / cleaning, food, subway tickets, train, bus, printer cartridge etc.)

    – Adopt / Support refugees: Ensure the well-being of 1, 2, 4 or more refugees per month.

    Ajude a BibliASPA

    A BibliASPA recebe cerca de 300 refugiados por semana, de mais de 40 nacionalidades, e lhes oferece gratuitamente cursos, alimentação, transporte, traduções, apoio assistencial, jurídico e psicológico.