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NUCLEUS REFUGE IN RESEARCH – Refugees in Brazil and in the world

We develop research with the objective of informing public policies, combating xenophobia, racism and discrimination of any kind and reflecting critically on the subject.

We have a line of research on refugees with various sub-themes. Know and participate:

  1. I) Immigrants / Refugees, education, Portuguese language and linguistic aspects
  2. II) Immigrants / Refugees and integration into society

III) Immigrants / Refugees, infrastructure and urban occupation

  1. IV) Immigrants / Refugees and media representation
  2. V) Immigrants / Refugees, human rights and legal aspects
  3. VI) Immigrants / Refugees and democratization of access to public services

VII) Immigration / Refuge and Brazilian foreign policy

VIII) Immigrants / Refugees, cultural aspects and artistic production

  1. IX) Afro-Arab tourism and refugees
  2. X) Immigrants / Refugees, generalizations and discrimination
  3. XI) Immigrants / Refugees and psychological aspects: from displacement to integration and insertion

XII) Immigrants / Refugees: health, culture and education

XIII) Immigrants / Refugees and Culinary


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